Industries are desperate for qualified, trained and disciplined work force, therefore the responsibility of an industrial linkages office is of great importance; over the last few years Hunar has been taking an active part in placement of students and has succeeded in several successful placements in leading organisations.

An Industrial Linkages Office is also being established at Hunar to prepare industry related skill sets and curriculum, to initiate internship programmes, and to extract the real need of each organization at the right time before graduation of particular batch of students. The Industrial Linkages Office will also develop close relationship with employer federations, trade associations and chamber of commerce in major industrial cities.

The Industrial Linkages Office at Corporate Headquarters oversees the working of every institution's placement office, their frequency of visits, job posting and following up of queries.

Play a vital role to bring the institute more close to the industry, identifying demands and developing respective changes in training needs/gaps.

Develop relationship by networking with industry partners at senior level (CEO and Board) as well as engaging with them at HR, supervisory and factory manager level.

Play an important role in assessing the need of industry matching with the training and skill sets, recommending new trades as per requirement.

Coordinate and guide the institute for industrial exposure and regular visits of the students in different related industries and EXPOs.

Look into segmentation of industries into broad categories and identify those that have greater relevance to current and future Hunar graduates. Conversely, Hunar Foundation will initiate courses aimed at future needs of the organisations.

Explore new opportunities / vacancies in the local market as well as in the Gulf countries with help of recruiting agencies.

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