Friends of Hunar is the extended arm of the Hunar Foundation's Board of Trustees and Management. Friends is comprised of spouses and close friends of Trustees who have a philanthropic zeal and a burning passion to work for the underprivileged. They share responsibility for creating awareness among the potential donors like Pakistani businessmen and their families, C-Suite Executives of the corporate sector, ambassadors and

consul generals and of course philanthropists. They also work with Hunar Foundation's management to hold fund raising events besides bringing regularly visitors from abroad and within Pakistan to visit the institutes and raise awareness and donations. They also contribute themselves financially and professionally to help the students at Hunar Foundation's technical institutes.

Friends of Hunar

  • Ms. Naseem Jaffer (Chairperson)

Friends of Hunar (Karachi)

  • Mr. Mazhar Valji (Chairperson)
  • Ms. Mariam Malik (Secretary)
  • Ms. Samina Dada (Treasurer)
  • Ms. Salsabil Akberali
  • Ms. Ronaq Lakhani
  • Ms. Maliha Bhimji
  • Ms. Fareiha Hashwani
  • Ms. Mumtaz Maker
  • Ms. Sabera Tapal
  • Ms. Ruby Naoorani
  • Ms. Farhana Anjum
  • Ms. Shams Jeeva
  • Ms. Aamir Noorani
  • Ms. Aisha Bela
  • Mr. Mazhar Valjee
  • Ms. Rashida Dalal
  • Ms. Nadra Umer
  • Mr. Feroz Khan
  • Ms. Farhana Anjum
  • Ms. Shams Jiva

Friends of Hunar (Lahore)

  • Mr. Omar Saeed (Chairperson)
  • Ms. Ambreen Irfan (Treasurer)
  • Brig (Retd) Shdab (Secretary)
  • Mr. Sikandar Khan
  • Nighat Ali
  • Shereen Masoud
  • Ms. Fatima Fazal
  • Ms. Seema Sufi

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